Saturday, December 31, 2016

sweet Cory

Mr. Big Stuff figured out how to get up on our bed.  I found him up there just chilling, looking 100 shades of proud of himself...

He's super playful,

a sweet snuggler,

and such a love about giving kisses - even to pictures!

We love you, sweet Cory!

Friday, December 30, 2016

our hard-working, creative Collin

This guy is always working on a project.

He's elaborate in his plans, thorough in his construction, and incredibly detailed as he tells us all about it.

Your thought-process is fascinating to watch and we love you so much, Collin Cooper!

easy-going Morgan : everybody's bud

Cutie little Morgan is fun to snuggle

and play with

and take care of

and laugh with.

We love you, little buckaroo!

our strong, spunky girl

Don't let the serious face fool you.

This strong girl

is also spunky and hilarious.

She has a stone-faced serious persona that she puts on in public, but this bright-eyed laughing girl is the real Lauren Kate.  Love you so much, baby girl!

day-to-day shenanigans

Just hanging out

and holding secret meetings,

building Mrs. Potato Head

and playing with the walker toy.

Just sweet, regular moments.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


In Collin's world, there are two main ways to read...

In Lauren's world, there's one sure-fire way to make a person laugh.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

We had the sweetest, most low-key Christmas this year.  We focused on connecting as a family as we celebrated the joy of Christ's birth.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, each kiddo opened one present.  The bigs received gifts that kept them busy all day - a lego for Collin and a kitchen for Lauren.

We went to church in Sturgis, and then came home to spend the evening alone together.  5 out of 6 look pleasant... that's the best we could ask for.

We started a sweet new tradition this year.  A few nights before Christmas we took the gang to the bookstore, and each person picked a book for every other person in our family.  After church on Christmas Eve, we unwrapped all the books and spent the entire evening enjoying them.

Merry Christmas Eve, indeed.

Christmas Day 2016

We had a blast on Christmas Day!

We started with pajama brunch at Wes and Bailee's.  We ate and opened presents and had lots of fun!  And I took one picture.

Lauren loved holding Porter.

We went home to open more presents.  We played and played all day.  And I took one picture.

For this sweet day, the memories will have to just be in our minds...

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day lego fun

Collin got two gigantic (and exciting!) lego sets for Christmas.  He assembled and played with one on Christmas Eve, and then graciously let Lauren play with that set while he assembled the second one on Christmas Day.

He's amazing assembling hundreds of pieces all by himself!

Collin doesn't love to admit it (he wants legos to be only his thing), but Lauren is a really creative and fun lego playmate!

We're knee deep in legos, that's for sure!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

hotel pool date

We went swimming at a hotel for a fun family Friday night.  The pictures are junky, but the memories are fun!

Morgan was super chill, just kicking his feet and cruising all around the pool.

Collin did a whole lot of jumping.

Cory was the most hesitant, but had fun as long as we were doing something crazy with him.

Lauren Kate was brave and happy with her floaties!

Four kids at the pool is like four kids anywhere else... hectic and fun and precious!