Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

We had the sweetest, most low-key Christmas this year.  We focused on connecting as a family as we celebrated the joy of Christ's birth.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, each kiddo opened one present.  The bigs received gifts that kept them busy all day - a lego for Collin and a kitchen for Lauren.

We went to church in Sturgis, and then came home to spend the evening alone together.  5 out of 6 look pleasant... that's the best we could ask for.

We started a sweet new tradition this year.  A few nights before Christmas we took the gang to the bookstore, and each person picked a book for every other person in our family.  After church on Christmas Eve, we unwrapped all the books and spent the entire evening enjoying them.

Merry Christmas Eve, indeed.

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