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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

Introducing our fab5:

a paleonarchaeologist and his two dinosaurs
a queen and her pet unicorn

We trick-or-treated at Edgewood, stopped at Ryan's most recent clients' house, popped by a photography studio open house for another group photo, visited our two neighbors, and then passed out candy at our front door for about an hour.

It was a super fun night for our super sweet crew!

Monday, October 30, 2017

fall 2017 soccer

This guy finished up the fall season of soccer!

He loved having Daddy as his coach

and made several new friends on his team, Orange Crush.

It was a fun season, and really, that's as much as we can ask for!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Caroline Paige :: 7 months

Our beautiful girl is 7 months old already!  It's the sweetest mix - it feels like she just arrived, yet it seems likes we've known her forever.

At 7 months, baby girl is a solid 22 pounds.  She has chubby little hands and thigh rolls like crazy.  She's such a beauty!

Caroline Paige is a bright, sweet light in our family.  Truly, she's the happiest baby ever.  She makes everyone smile, and she smiles all. the. time.  Her laugh is still small, but she does it often.  She has also learned the art of social laughing, so she'll smile and laugh when everyone else is.

Caroline's a professional sitter, but she still doesn't roll.  She's so content that she isn't motivated to move just yet.  She likes playing in the jumper and she loves watching all the action at our house.

Caroline has a really good reach and an accurate grab.  She usually sits in the bumbo on the table during meal time, but that's about to end because her reach is getting so far!  Soon we'll have to switch things around and put her in a highchair - which I'm certain she'll love!

She's good at holding toys, plus she enjoys swinging them around and chewing on them.  The funniest is when she drops a toy, because sometimes she'll throw a little tantrum until someone gets the toy back for her.

Caroline's smile is still toothless.  We expect it'll be a couple more months before Caroline's first tooth.

This month Caroline's hair seemed to grow in quite a bit (she still doesn't have much...) and her eyes got much darker.  We thought she might hang onto green/hazel eyes, but nope!  They'll be brown.

We love our sweet Caroline Paige so very much, and we are grateful for the fun and joy she brings to our family!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cory the ham

Speaking of cute smiles!!

He's at the age where he isn't always interested in smiling for the camera, but when he is...

it's gold!  Cutie Cory.

Morgan's smile

This cute boy?  Has a very cute smile!

studious Collin

Look at how big this guy is!  It's crazy to look back at pictures from a year ago and realize how much Collin has grown.

Collin is a fascinating person and has a very wide variety of interests.  He loves reading and learning, and he does so well incorporating what he's learned into his pretend play.

current interests:  reading - fiction & non-fiction, Collin must. read. every book he sees; all things science - gems & minerals, space, the human body; list-making - grocery lists, as well as lists related to all types of pretend play; drawing floorplans & designs - for museums, RVs, homes, robots, etc.; legos - specifically, buildings & robots

It's FUN to see the world through Collin's eyes.  He has a fascinating mind and we love watching him learn and grow!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

cutie Lauren Kate

Gosh, how cute is this little girl?!

She's got a gorgeous smile and a hilarious personality.  She is so silly and funny, and she can talk up a storm!

"I wish it was time for ballet right now.  I just love ballerina so, so, so much.  It's so, super fun!"

"Can I please sleep with Collin tonight?  No?  But he's my best best best best best best best best best friend!"

(after choosing clothes for Caroline - and spoken with zero breaths/breaks between sentences!)
"Is it cold out today?  Should I pick some socks for her?  I 'got to pick socks.  I better go get her socks."

favorite words/phrases right now:
super (as in, "super hot" or "super funny" or "so super thirsty")
I'm really good at this, am I?

Sweet girl, we love you so very much!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Caroline's tongue

Caroline does this crazy trick with her tongue, using it to quickly suck in her upper lip.

I've never seen it done before, but she sure likes it!

Sweet, cutie babe.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Caroline's gold shoes

She doesn't need them, but we bought some cute little gold shoes for Caroline for our family photo shoot this month.

She seems unimpressed..?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

a minute with Morgan

Trying to take pictures of Morgan is like trying to catch a fly...  difficult!

He's really busy and completely uninterested in stopping or smiling on cue.

Morgan loves his belly button and loves showing it to other people.

He also really loves his blanket

and being wrapped up all snuggly.

Handsome boy!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

gorgeous, happy Caroline

The happiest baby ever.  For real.  She loves sitting!

And she's pretty happy stretching out, too.