Sunday, February 26, 2017

baby shower & balloon fun

My precious girlfriends surprised me with an amazing baby shower!!  Ryan said he was taking me out for a date, but then Michele and Melissa were in our driveway when we got out there.  "Do you mind if we take her out instead?" they said.  Michele, Melissa, Brooke, Abby and I had pedicures and relaxed at a coffee shop, which was a complete (and sweet!) surprise.  And then they took me out for dinner at Guadalajara, where 11 more girls were waiting for us!  SURPRISE!  Seriously, it was amazing.

When I got home, Collin and Lauren loved looking through all the pretty pink loot for Baby Caroline.

And then they had a blast playing with balloons from the party.

I can't even properly describe how refreshing and encouraging the day was.  My sweet friends [and their accomplice, my sweet Ryan] seriously know how to make a girl feel loved!

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