Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Caroline Paige

Our gorgeous Caroline Paige has arrived!
March 20, 2017
20 inches
9lb 11oz

Caroline was born via schedule c-section, so her birthday was calm and went exactly as expected.  We checked in at the hospital at 6am and rolled into the OR around 7:30.  Being our third time having a baby in the OR, we were calm enough to jump at the chance to watch the action.  Just before pulling Caroline out, they lowered the curtain so we could watch.  Amazing!!  At 7:48, we saw our sweet girl's face and heard her precious voice.

As Caroline was being pulled out my doctor said, "She isn't tiny!," but we had to wait until we got up to our room to get an official weight. When we saw 9lbs 11oz, the whole room filled with "whoa"s and "no way!"s.  We expected her to be big, but were still surprised by just how solid she was. :)

She's calm.  She eats well.  She sleeps well.

She's beautiful.

Such a gift.  We're SO grateful!

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