Tuesday, March 14, 2017


This spunky girl?  Talks nonstop. all. day. long.  But only when we're at home!  When we're out and about, she's stoic and silent.  Once she steps inside the comfort of our house, she talks a mile a minute.

"Dad, your ladder is in garage. That really mom ladder. But that be ok you use mom ladder, right mom?"


"I can walk on the ice! Because I'm a grownup."


"Cory, are you done? No? Then you need to sit down. "


"I tell my baby, 'You can stop fussing, or you need to go to your room.'"


C: There was a deer in our yard! He made a U.
LK: It made a me?


"Are you ture Dad donna be 'tay when he doe wort in 'no? I 'dot tell him 'be taretul!'"
(Are you sure Dad's gonna be ok when he goes to work in the snow?  I forgot to tell him 'be careful!'")


Cory is crawling around panting; Lauren has him on an imaginary leash and is saying, "C'mon, Remi!" Then she turns to me and whispers, "I'm Bailee. This is my puppy, Remi." 


"When Papa and Grandma went at... that food place... with Collin and me, they did had chips and salsa at there. I really like chips and salsa!"


LK: I can't eat that. It's too spicy. 
C: Lauren, when something is just a little spicy, we call it tart or sour. 

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