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Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Monday, March 13, 2017

the gorgeous Collin Cooper

The boy who made me a mama.  Handsome, hilarious, energetic, creative.  A memory like a steel trap.  The most infectious laugh.  Full of the most hilarious and intelligent and makes-your-heart-want-to-explode quips...

"I prefer the Subway by Walmart. Because the men's bathroom has music. "


(playing pretend as an organ transplant surgeon)
me:  Can you give me a new pancreas?

Collin:  A) I don't know what that is, and B) where would I get one, a doctor store?

me:  Try Amazon!

Collin: That's ridiculous. 

Dr. Collin's transplant hospital is fully-stocked with organs (we haven't discussed where organs actually come from...). Today I visited him for a new lung. "Sheesh, this lung was tricky to find! I had to move my jacket, my guitar, a spare toe, and two sandwiches out of the way before I finally found the lung I was looking for." 😂


10 deer just went walking by the house on the street. All single file.... Collin says, "It's like a deer factory."


"Your husband used to be a wealthy, nice construction worker until he met you. Now he's a robber and just builds secret hideouts."


After discussing how this house belongs to everyone, Collin says, "Actually, Lauren, mom's uterus is Caroline's house right now." 😂


Mom, did you know that statis-stist-ically bee stings are more harmful to humans than shark bites?


Ryan: Hey, that's my stomach. And my chest. 
C: You mean your torso?


Doc at Urgent Care: "So, these two are foster kids? And these two are yours?"
Heart-as-big-as-the-world Collin: "Even though they're in foster care, they're my real brothers." 😭


Dad got me a hot chocolate. And boy, do they call it hot for a reason!

So, so grateful for this gorgeous guy.

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