Saturday, April 1, 2017

our first outing :: lego contest 2017

We're planning to hunker down for several weeks with tiny baby Caroline, but there was one event we didn't want to miss:  the lego contest!

We loaded up the whole gang for our first outing.

Collin created a forest construction site.  The crew was installing drainage systems in case there was a flood.

I loved watching him show his creation to the other kiddos.

It was also super fun listening as he explained all the details to the judge.  He put so much thought into his creation!

Lauren Kate got in on the action too.  She built three little race cars and a speaker stand (for singing, of course!)  Lauren is always shy in public/refuses to speak to strangers, so I was really impressed when she answered several of the judge's questions.

She was the only 3-year-old who had a submission in the preschool category.  She didn't win a trophy, but we were so glad she participated!

Next, the kindergarten awards ceremony.  The look of surprise on Collin's face when they announced he won second place was amazing.  He was thrilled!  And that made the trip so worth it.

Both kiddos are already making plans for next year's contest. :)

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