Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

sewing socks

Collin is hilariously thrifty sometimes.

"Hey, Mom?  I left a pair of undies on your bed.  Don't wash 'em yet, because they have a teeny tiny hole that needs to be sewn."
Convincing him to throw things away can be tricky sometimes.

And then, in a hilarious moment of irony, he's wearing jeans with huge holes in the knees whilst sewing a tiny hole in one of his socks.  Silly boy.


Little Miss Laid-back fell asleep in the bouncer again.  Cute girl.

She loves stretching out so she can kick her legs.

She's the sweetest thing ever when she's all swaddled up!


Collin found a cool bug on the front porch, then ran to get his plastic bug collection so he could introduce the bug to his friends.

Caroline was wearing this adorable jumpsuit-thing and Lauren insisted the hood stay up.


Lauren's the best at finding cozy places to hang out.

This is the "let's snuggle our blankets while we wait for dinner to be ready" crew.

babbling Caroline

Suuuuuuch a cute voice!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

11th anniversary

I've been married to this handsome man for 11 years!

We celebrated by enjoying our little people. :)

Morgan thought the wind was hilarious.

Lauren and Cory had a blast cruising on the wide-open playground.

That night our littlest chaperone joined us for a dinner date.

It's a sweet, sweet life!

Friday, May 26, 2017

a Caroline sneeze

Tiny baby sneezes are SO cute.

Both arms + both legs are included!

busy, busy Lauren

Miss Lauren is learning the ropes of the "always busy - always working on a project" lifestyle that's pretty common around here.

Caring for her puppies and babies keeps her quite busy,

as does her extensive study schedule.

She's sure to take breaks for getting fancy hair though!


Morgan now does a cheesy smile on cue...

He is also learning to use a spoon, and doing so great!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Another night, another snuggle session...

playing at Caleb's

We went over to work on our friend Caleb's yard, and the kids had fun playing!

Monday, May 22, 2017

the sounds of Caroline

Caroline has a sweet little voice!!

Even her fussing is cute. :)

Mr. Productive

Collin is creative and hard-working, and it's fun to watch the way his mind is always processing.

He's becoming very independent too!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

best buds

Collin and Lauren do their fair share of battling, but they're also fantastic friends. 

Sometimes they even decide to snuggle at bedtime!  If that's not the cutest thing, I don't know what is.

spring soccer 2017

Collin's (and Coach Daddy's) first season of soccer was a success!  They had hourlong practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then a game each Saturday.  8 weeks was long enough. :)

Here's their cutie little team.

Grandma and I caught a couple decent videos during the last game.

Here's Collin on defense:

Here's a Collin goal:
(love his celebration!)

Here's a glimpse of a Collin slide:

Collin had a sweet cheer section!

Soccer was a really fun experience for Collin (and the whole family, really).  He's excited to play again in the fall!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Caroline Paige :: 2 months

Caroline Paige is 2 months old!

height:  25 inches
weight:  14lbs 12oz
clothing size:  3 months

At 2 months old, our Caroline Paige is the most laid-back baby ever and so, so sweet.  She goes with the flow.  She tolerates a zillion kisses every day.  She's happy!

Caroline prefers to lay on her back so she can stretch and kick and squirm.  She loves looking out the window, and she's interested when we make silly noises at her.

Caroline loves to be swaddled while she sleeps, and falls asleep easily with just a minute of booty-patting.  During the day she's often up for an hour and then down for an hour.  Nighttime sleep starts around 8:30, she'll wake once around 2:30, and then she'll sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning.

Sneezing is perhaps the cutest thing Caroline does right now.  She always does what we call a "pre-sneeze," which is kind of a fake sneeze sound a few seconds before an actual sneeze is coming.  It's probably caused by a tickle in her nose, but it's so funny!

Caroline loves to babble and enjoys having a big brother or sister beside her to chat with.  She's precious and we're so in love!

Friday, May 19, 2017

sleeping Lauren

She plays hard.  She sleeps hard!

snoozing Caroline

Baby girl loves her beauty sleep.  We napped on our bed together, and she looked so cute all bundled up in the middle.

Of course Daddy's arms are a perfect place for a nap.

Accidentally falling asleep is stinkin' cute too!

big sister Lauren

Lauren has always been a "mama" type, and she is really a natural caretaker when she holds Caroline.

On this particular day, she turned Caroline toward her so she could pat her booty and her back.  Add in some steady shushing, and she actually put Caroline to sleep!

She's also experimenting with holding so Caroline's head can rest on Lauren's shoulder.
"Do I look like a good big sister?" she said.

Love these two together already.  So excited to watch them become friends!