Monday, May 8, 2017

Cory's 2nd birthday party

When planning Cory's 2nd birthday party, I was having a hard time thinking of a theme.  Then I thought about what Cory likes, and the theme was obvious.  He LOVES puppies!

We have three people on our street who walk their dogs numerous times every day, so we see a lot of puppies go by.  Of course we have our two puppies.  And we also have Cory, who's fantastic and pretending to be a puppy.  He crawls around panting, sits and begs for pretend treats, and even plays fetch when he's pretending to be a puppy.

Theme decided.  Perfect!

We decided to serve fun snacky foods, of which I only took a picture of part...

We did paw print "paw cakes" (Collin's idea),

and served "pawnd water" juice. (also Collin's cute idea)

Cory had fun opening gifts

and he loved his new jammies so much he had to put them on over his clothes.

Next we sang to him, which he loved.  He even sang along!

It was a lovely celebration of our awesome Cory, and we were truly overwhelmed by the sweetness of watching him be loved and celebrated by our amazing family.

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